Carl H. Hahn

Automobile manager and a pioneer of globalization


We mourn the loss of our generous benefactor

Prof. Carl H. Hahn,

Nachruf-C-H-Hahnwho passed away on 14.01.2023. He said goodbye to this world at the blessed age of 96 and passed away in the midst of life despite his advanced age. His creative energy was tireless and he loved his work until the end of his life – pursued it daily with great enthusiasm. His name is associated with successful and responsible, far-sighted, honorable and humane actions. He was deservedly regarded as a gentleman and citizen of the world, for whom the well-being of his employees was always an important concern. Prof. Carl Hahn sought and found contact with people of all ages and backgrounds. He possessed the great human talent of convincing them that it is worth taking the path of the demanding but often arduous – whether as “Colleague Carl” on the assembly line of Hall 54 or as an advisor to interested schoolchildren, gifted students or people in need.

In addition to his many social and sociopolitical commitments, he and his wife founded the Carl and Marisa Hahn Foundation in 2006. Based on his outstanding international experience and the resulting realization that an efficient and democratic society needs well-educated, cosmopolitan people, he initiated forward-looking educational projects. In addition, he felt a great need to help people with whom fate had not been so kind.

His humanity and friendliness made him a very special person who knew no hierarchies or rankings. His charming manner, his mischievous humor, his sovereignty and discipline, his personal modesty, loyalty and kindness will be eternally in our thoughts, memories and hearts. We are immensely grateful for the years we spent by his side and for the paths we were privileged to walk with him.

In deep gratitude

The Foundation Board and the Foundation Board of Trustees

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On the occasion of his 95th birthday: A visit to Carl Hahn


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